Hot water heaters are one of a property’s most diligently working appliances. Day or night, it’s making completely heated water anytime you would like it. When it suddenly is no longer working properly, most of us have the tendency to panic.

Luckily a nonfunctioning water heater does not constantly imply a costly repair work. Before making an emergency call to us, we recommend checking the issue yourself first.

Duncanville Water Heater Repair Troubleshooting

Pilot Light CheckDuncanville Water Heater Repair

For gas water heaters first take off the small panel which is situated at the bottom of the system and look to see if the pilot light is illuminated.
Check if will igniate in case it is not ignited. If it remains lit, one will probably be able to hear that the water heater should start working properly again. The pilot light may well need cleaned or the thermocouple could need replaced if the pilot light will definitely not remain lit.

Thermocouple Replacement

The name thermocouple might sound like a extremely specialized title, however it’s a part on ones water heater that can easily be replaced.We would suggest having us perform the replacement but the steps here are for educational objectives.

Check the owner’s manual. It needs to have suggestions for how you can get rid of and change the thermocouple.
Shut off the gas before taking out anything at all from the water heater.
Using the instructions in your individual’s guide, remove the thermocouple by removing it from both sides of the pilot light. The brand new thermocouple on the water heater must be cut to the appropriate length.
The gas can then be turned back on and check out for leakages, then the pilot light can be lighted once more.

Press the Water Heater Reset Button

For people with an electric water heater, look for the location of the reset button and push it till a click is heard.
If a click is definitely not observed, or it falls short to reboot the water heater, reset the breaker.
If a breaker reset does not suffice, the thermostat will most likely require being changed.

Thermostat Replacement

Both the power to the water heater and the switch on the breaker will need to be switched off. Essential safety with electricity is required to be followed!
Use the owner’s handbook to find the thermostat wires, then detach them.
After removing the thermostat we will evaluate to observe its problem. If it is damaged, we will have to replace it.

Heating Element Replacement

While the power is still turned off, the access panel on the water heater can be opened up.
The terminal screws can be loosened and the wires may be pulled away from the heating element.
We would next test every component of the element to check if they are defective, and replace them as required.

These water heater troubleshooting measures ought to help get ones heater up and running again. We are always here to assist, therefore don’t wait to call us today for any water heater service.